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Costa Rica windsurf lessons on Lake Arenal

Guaranteed-Beginner #1:

Have you been frustrated learning how to windsurf? Try our new innovative planing board. We have developed a 5 foot wide 9 foot long never-ever-board, that is revolutionizing the teaching of the sport! This board is based on the catamaran principal of stability: wide, light, and fast. When this double board is equipped with windsurfer and sail, it is very difficult to turn over. The board is equally difficult to fall off. Most importantly, it is a windsurf board, perfectly mimicking the fun aspects of a single board. It planes and is very maneuverable for easy change of direction. 100 % of the people who have tried windsurfing with this board return to where they start from, make a low speed gybe (change direction), and have FUN on the first day.

windsurf lesson on lake arenal in costa ricaMany other schools and destinations promote the shallow water as a selling point for lessons. This implies you will be walking your equipment back to where you started, or falling off a lot. This is NOT windsurfing. At Tilawa the water depth is not important, because you will be on top of the board with a small, hence light sail.

We promote FUN beginner lessons.
If its not fun, its free.


Lesson covers general sailing theory, equipment handling, up-hauling, neutral position, sheeting in the sail, proper body position, steering and controlling the board, 180 degree turns, self rescue, and general safety issues. Student is continually under supervision of marina personnel. Cost includes equipment and all day instruction.

Group discounts available

windsurf lake arenal turn

Beginner #2:

Learn the up-wind skills (built upon experience of lesson #1): how to sail upwind, fine tune body position and technique, and practice and reinforce skills. Half hour land simulation and one hour on water:

includes equipment and instructor.


Beach starts

This technique is for sailing from shore without using the up-haul rope to raise the sail. An essential skill for advancement to short-boarding and high wind sailing. Includes carrying attached board and sail into water, alignment of sail and board to wind, sheeting in/stepping on board, and sailing away from shore. Cost: $10/20 min.

Harness lesson

Give your arms a rest and take the first step to short-boarding: leverage, control, body position, the how and when to hook-in and avoid the catapults, and steering while on a plane with your harness. Cost: $10/20min.

Foot-straps lesson

Learning to use the foot straps consists of working your way back on the board, maintaining direction, staying on plane, controlling the speed and chop, getting in and out of the straps, closing the gap, and fine tuning body position. Cost: $10/20min.


This is a technique for getting on the board and sailing away in deep water without using the up-haul rope to raise the sail. Instruction covers board and sail alignment to the wind; clearing, flying, steering, and handling the sail; stepping up on the board; and sailing away. (beach starting ability required) Cost: $30/hr

Gybe lessons

If you don't fall, you don't get tired! From a basic survival or chicken gybe to planing, lay-down, duck, stall, high-wind, or schlogging gybe. Includes land simulation, theory, on water practice, and analysis. Cost: $30/hr.

Jumping lesson

Getting air is easy, landing on plane can be too... all you want and need to know. Cost: $10/20min.

Short-board Tacking

Sometimes a gybe can take you into rocks, breaking waves, or other sailors. Tacking can be a great advantage in avoiding obstacles and moving up-wind. Anyone with aspirations of "real" wave sailing needs this maneuver in their bag of tricks. Cost: $10/20min.


Loops are 98% mental, and 2% technique... 2% Cost: $10/20min.

Half Day Private:

Do you have the need to increase your learning curve? This half day lesson is a step that will take you to the next level. Intensive one on one instruction for all levels. Cost: $100.00

Full Day Private:

Have you ever been a victim to the winds? This is your reality check that will improve your sailing techniques. Intensive one on one instruction for all levels for the whole day. This lesson is a guarantee for dramatic improvement. Cost: $150.00

Windsurfing fun on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica

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