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Jean Paul CazadessusWindsurfing fun on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica

Jean Paul is Hotel Minoa's primary instructor and instructor trainer for the school. He has fourteen years of experience teaching windsurfing, and came to the sport after teaching snow skiing in Taos New Mexico for five years. He was instrumental in founding the Tilawa windsurfing school and our unique policy of it's fun or it's free for our beginner lesson. His lessons are progression based, relying on the three primary aspects of windsurfing;

1) where you are and where you can go

2) sail handling

3) board steering

Additionally he guarantees his waterstart lesson, make a waterstart or don't pay! For a half day or full day lesson please e-mail for a reservation.

Windsurfing fun on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica


Henry is the on site administrator and instructor at Tilawa. He is something of a legend, because he can totally rip trough all types of jibes, complete forwards cheese rolls and is known for his “ I want to help” attitude. With just four years of sailing and teaching he is still close enough to his own beginner days that he can help anybody learn to windsurf or develop more complex high end skill.

Windsurfing fun on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica

Guest Instructors

Ask about our guest instructor program.

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