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RealWind SAILBOARDS @ Tilawa

Production Surflite

New this year! Production boards from Realwind. The EPS Surflite series is computer designed to be slightly more of a wide style surf, bump and jump shape.

"We had a chance to check out the new line during our last round of Hatteras tests. On the water, these boards displayed all the traits you look for in a highwind board. The Surflites are fast and easy to set a rail, with more control than we've ever felt before. These boards excel in a variety of conditions, from wave to highwind bump-and-jump." — WINDSPORT MAGAZINE Buyers' Guide.

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Tilawa offers the full line of Real Wind boards:

241cm @ 68 liters
251cm @ 73 liters
256cm @ 80 liters
261cm @ 85 liters
271cm @ 103 liters

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Cascade sailboards 7.7 - 8.0 & 8.3 for those BIG WIND days

Designed for flatter water and chop, by master shaper Gary Swanson, over 3000 boards shaped since 1979. Gary's "Gorge Series" board is easily sailed and made for the chop-learn to gibe with good speed or rip one after another at full tilt. The taper V tail is for smooth chop handling, tucked rails and moderate wave rocker allows for it all. The expert will find its distinct edge allows for clean bite and release in the turn or in the last seconds before lift-off, of a that steep face. The advanced sailor can comfortably accelerate their learning curve -make the gibes, landing jumps and handling the chop, it's all made easy.

proflex windsurf board straps

ProFlex footstraps are available. One of the only patented footstraps on the market today–feel the difference!


power wave windsurf sails

REAL HOT POWER WAVE SAILS @ Tilawa are all rigged on Gulftech RD-60 carbon skinny masts and Carbon booms with adjustable harness lines. A loose and light powerful sail that mimics the performance of the boards, it is at home in the waves or any where else you may go sailing for that matter. A durable real world design for sailors who travel between Bump and Jump and wave sailing while dabbling in some free style moves. Sizes range from 2.5 meters to 6.2 with very positive reports from sailors.

New for this year, the Gulftech RD-60 reduced diameter masts feature true constant curvature, integrated woven ferule, and weigh in at almost a pound lighter than the competition.   The masts are mated to 2004 Gulftech aluminum RD mast bases with Streamline cleat systems, and Chinook mast bases.   (


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windsurf gear

Keeping things light, Tilawa has chosen to employ the 2004 Gulftech GT boom series, boom features include; regular or skinny mast with no shim required, tapered 1 1/16 grip, dual stainless steel adjustment, standard continous carbon RBE.

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