Lake Arenal - Weather Conditions and Statistics

Wind speeds, lake conditions, weather conditions:

December through April, average 25 mph wind.

11° N. latitude, 1,525 feet above see level, 48 square miles of surface area, 24 miles long, Air Temp: 70° to 80°, water temp 73° +, sweet water, with up to 5 foot swell with port-ramps.

Lake Arenal Costa Rica Wind data is provided by Costa Ricas National Utilities. The information sums 15 + years of wind speed averages as measured by a professional quality weather station. This station is located within one mile of the Tilawa Wind surf launch and Marina. You will note that there are three "averaged wind speeds" and unlike most wind surfing destinations' wind data, it provides the complete picture: the highest, mean and minimum you can expect at Lake Arenal.

It should be noted that the wind speed here is unusually stable, it is very-very typical to sail one sail size all day.

Wind Speeds Graphic

Costa Rica lake arenal weather graphic

High average of the highest wind speeds recorded
Mean Average what you can expect to sail on average
Low Average worst case average
Speeds are in miles per hour


Never too bad nor very cold, sunny part of the lake because of the Hotel's position in front of Costa Rica's Continental divide. Tilawa receives 1.5 to 2 meters of rain per year (mostly in and May to Nov) Nov to December generally have clouds in the afternoon and sun in the morning. The difference in conditions over very short distances is aptly called micro climates, a good example is the difference between the 2.5 to 3 meters of rain that falls five kilometers due north of Hotel Minoa and the windsurf center and Marina

Costa Rica lake arenal rain fall chart

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Lake Arenal, Tilaran, Costa Rica